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Follow us also on the new media channels network in order to stay current on new products, services, events and so on. In addition, you can view all our commercial movies as well as the technical instructions for installation and use, not to mention the endless possibilities of interacting directly with you that, for us, is the most valued characteristic. All pages offer the ability to be shared across the Email link placed below the title, at the end of each article you will find buttons to share the content through the social tool of your choice, while at the foot of the page there are link buttons to our specific channels:

Logo Channel What you'll find
Facebook Facebook

Company page with content related to the presentation and the new upcoming features.

YouTube YouTube

Channel full of technical and commercial movies.

Twitter Twitter

Live news primarily related to our Research and Development activities.

Google + Google +

Company's page for sharing.

Linkedin Linkedin

Reference for professional's contacts.