Quick Opening Closures

Quick Opening ClosuresWe, in Fulgosi S.r.l. aim to develope products and advanced service as completely integrated solutions. Our high pressure Quick Opening Closures are designed, engineered and manufactured according to the most stringent international standards applicable to the Pressure Vessels for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry, but the revolution is represented by the integrated services so as to assure the best performance during the entire device life cycle in both terms of severe conditions as well as longest durability.

Research and Development

Since 1974 exploring and testing new materials and systems. All class rating devices are equipped with the locking system in Duplex Stainless Steel ASTM A240 UNS31803 or Nitrocarburizing Salt treated (OXINIT) High Strength Carbon Steel  and the body in any material type and grade as per service requirements. The sealing element can be Nitrile, Polyurethane, Viton or Fluorocarbon in any shore hardness class. The enhancement is performed by keeping always into consideration the operability which represent the most subjected characteristic to the policy of the continuous improvement. All the opening and closing activities can be executed by one operator in about 20 seconds keeping all the efforts well under the 200 Nm.

Your needs are our Standard

Quick Opening Closures (Q.O.C.) are often named in many different ways due to geographical reasons, i.e. Quick Actuating Devices, Quick Opening End Closures (Q.O.E.C.) etc., but the purpose is always the same: enable the Opening or the Closing operation of a Pressure Vessel as fast as possible in order to avoid possible safety implications. Fulgosi Q.O.C. are available in both horizontal and vertical configuration, the latter could be assisted with Counterweights or Davit facilities depending on the model type, size and class rating.

Safety systems

The most important prescription to be met is the inhibition at the Closure being opened if there is still fluid pressure inside the vessel and this requirement is usually fulfilled in one or more of the systems at Customer's choice: visit the relevant area for further information.

Quick Opening End Closure