Pig Traps

Launcher & Receiver systems

Pig Launcher & Receivers (Scraper Traps) for cleaning, geometry and intelligent pipeline inspections are the devices used to launch and receive the tools (Pig) which travels inside the pipeline for the before mentioned purposes by means of the same fluid in pressure operating in the conduct. Being the petrochemical industry one of the most popular applications, safety is the biggest concern therefore Non Destructive Examinations as well as anti-spark and many other characteristic are well developed since the design stage.

Fulgosi S.r.l. design and manufacture its devices aimed to the European market according to:

Fabrication: according to international standards, Design Codes and Customer's additional requirements:

  • ASME VIII div. 1 and 2 - Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels
  • ASME B31.3 - Code for Pressure Piping - Process Piping
  • ASME B31.4 - Code for Pressure Piping - Pipeline for Transportation System for Liquid Hydrocarbons and other Liquids
  • ASME B31.8 - Code for Pressure Piping - Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems
  • EN 13445 - Unfired Pressure Vessels
  • Traps Layout:  
    • Horizontal with fixed or sliding saddles
    • Vertical with counterweighted Q.O.C. or with Davit
    • Skid Mounted with pig handling systems
  • Body type: Barrel and Pipeline Pup with Conical Shape Eccentric / Concentric Reducer.
  • Q.O.C. type:
  • Q.O.C. Safety Systems:
  • Connections: Flanges L/WN RF/RJ/Graylock® Ø ≤ 24” according to ASME B 16.5; Ø > 24” according to ASME B 16.47; Bevelled Ends as per ASME B 16.25.
  • Pig Signallers: Mechanical Pig Passage Indicator with mechanical / manual visual flag, also available Electrical Pig Sig and Non Intrusive type.
  • Pig handling system: external / internal / extractable anti-spark Pig Basket / Tray rail mounted moving type with manual / electric winch, SS rope and pulleys push/pull system. Manual / Electric davit crane.

Request For Quotation

For a focused quotation do not hesitate to contact us by sending the following information:

  • Traps diameter and dimensions*;
  • Design Pressure*;
  • Design Temperature*;
  • Class Rating;
  • Pipeline Material grade, Internal Diameter* and W.t.;
  • Main Connection type (RF-RJ Flanged or Welded);
  • Subsidiary Connections type (RF-RJ Flanged or Welded);
  • Design Code (with relevant Design Factor if any)*;
  • Corrosion Allowance if any*;
  • Additional equipment (Pig Handling devices, Pig Signalers, etc.);

(*): Mandatory Data for a precise quotation.