QHSE Policy

The 5 values

We, in Fulgosi, use to share 5 values within which we develop our business activities with the ideal vision to contribute to the society’s betterment.

1. Excellence

2. Integrity

3. Wellness

4. Transparency

5. Risk Management

Every day we put our best efforts in the application of these principles. We do believe that creating excellent products, with excellent levels of service environmentally friendly, safety and ethics is a way to do our part in this important vision.


Compliance ► we build our products inspired by excellence so that customers can always be assured of the compliance with the contract requirements and applicable technical standards.

Continuous Improvement ► we got up here driven by the concept of continuous improvement and we will continue to make it our workhorse.

Assistance ► not only products, but also the assistance aims at excellence, thanks to the web platform that provide our customers with a unique service, unparalleled in the fitting’s world.

Punctuality ► the confidence to rely on trusted and predictable delivery times is one of the main expectations of our customers. We do our best every day so that we can associate with our company the concept of punctuality and reliability.


Law’s compliance ► respect of the laws in administrative, environmental, health and safety at work is a duty to which we adhere scrupulously and with an attitude of prevention.

Besides the laws ► the standards and expectations of the community are an inspiration to overcome the legal obligations and pursue ethical behaviors that could be an example for other companies in the industry.


Safety ► Safety is one of the basic human needs, working conditions peculiar of our job require particular attention to the respect of standards of prevention and protection.

Environment ► we define and implement management procedures, monitor all possible and economically sustainable actions in order to prevent and reduce the environmental impacts of production activities, in particular waste products, emissions of pollutants, greenhouse gases and from 'energy use.

Training ► we encourage any initiative for the reduction of environmental impacts, the risk of accident and occupational disease even with training and awareness of employees and the people who work under our control.


Cooperation ► we want to contain and reduce environmental impacts and safety risks, for that we have a transparent and cooperative approach with nation and local authorities.

Certification ► with many product certifications and system achieved, we not only ensure our performance to customers, but also demonstrate transparency to all stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers, local and global community).

Risk management

Total risk approach ► we are aware that the risks are hidden in every area of doing business and therefore we have an analysis approach to each task: "What if?". This is the question that we do every time we undertake a new activity or we modify an habitual one, starting from the safety, environment and quality aspects.