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Profile & Trends

Marketing vs quality

Founded in 1974, our company operate on the international market since the beginning. Actually the management has an age overall of 40 yrs old and the complete company average is 34 so, no doubts, the dynamism is assured. In the last few years the company policy has been changed from "marketing oriented" to "quality assured" to achieve total quality performance in meeting the requirements of external and internal customers.

Total quality performance means, for us, understanding who the customer is, what the requirements are, and meeting those requirements without errors, on time, every time, or causing those requirements to be officially changed.Fulgosi's production capabilities, today, counts on an area of 30.000 sqm., of which 6.000 are served with 8 "bridge-cranes" in 10 and 5 Tons./each., while the "stock-area" is served by 5 "fork-lifts" in 7 and 4 Tons. In the last Year we manufactured a steel's amount of 3.544 Tons. The following diagram show an idea of the present "production's trend" based on the type of products manufactured.


As You can imagine, the tubes & repair sleeves area represent tubes as "finished products" that mean only a part of the real "Tubes" production because, in fact, we manufacture tubes for welded and forged fittings areas also. The mechanical constructions sector is the only one that, historically, keep always the same dimension, while for the other three the trend is usually more elastic. With the present market's condition, that is not so clear as in the past, is very difficult predict in which area we'll improve our know-how but, be sure, we'll improve something anyway.