Interlock System

Need for Interlocking (in partnership with Petrosafe)

    • Safety is an important part of any industry, especially in hazardous industries such as Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry. These industries work at a great speed and are subject to hazardous environments and rapid changes. These same industries are controlled by humans. Human error due to fatigue, distraction, stress, illness and one or other unforeseen circumstances cannot be ruled out.
    • Ordinary padlocks are used in critical places in refineries and process plants. However these padlocks have serious limitations and due to these limitations any type of error during uncontrolled process operation can result in damage to the plant costly equipment, human life and consequential losses due to stoppage of production in the plant. This can be avoided by introducing system checks in a process.
    • Linear key Interlocking Systems ensures that human error is eliminated by following correct process to be performed in predetermined steps. In the event when a mistake is made then the operator will not be allowed to proceed.
    • Therefore creating a safe industrial environment in every possible way is a wise investment. And your choice of supplier of safety systems is an important one. Here’s where PSS can help.

Main characteristics

PSS Interlocks have been designed after a wide and vast study of the industry to provide simple, effective and easy mechanisms for safety protection in critical and hazardous environments.
Safety interlocks mainly are fitted on the valves carrying oil and Gas or other liquids.

  • MOC – SS 316 (All Parts)
  • Easy to install and Designed to fit on any type of Industrial valves or actuator under any weather/operational conditions.
  • Compact Design prevents ingestion of Dirt, sand, water into the lock mechanism.
  • Robust, reliable and designed with minimum parts and operator friendly.
  • Uniquely coded keys for safety of system.
  • A lever and Hand Wheel is provided in the various sizes as per the requirement.
  • Easy and hassle free operation and completely maintenance free.

Applications in Process systems

Industries Process
•    Oil & Gas process plants
•    Refineries
•    Gas distribution networks / Pipe lines
•    Oil and gas Loading jetties and storage stations
•    Chemical industry
•    Pulp and paper Industry.
•    Valve systems
•    Safety relief systems
•    Pig trap Launching and Receiving
•    Tanker loading
•    Ethylene Furnaces
•    Co2 deluge systems
•    Boiler bottom blow down
•    Critical work area locking systems

Interlock Pigging

Pigging System

Interlock Valves

PSV Changeover Operation