Our Partners

This is the list of all our valuable partner's web sites, the aim of this list is to give you the possibility to find specific information concerning various areas of our business not entirely discussed in this website. This list is completely free, so here you'll find only partners, not suppliers...

Logo Company Field
British Standards Institution

The exclusive, authoritative, and most current company for all international standards publications.

Computer Line 2001 S.r.l.

Hardware & Software, applications managing accounting, production and quality assurance all in one single software with all the information shared.

Esab AB

Welding technologies & materials.


Design and manufacturing of special sealing elements.

GMCE Software Consultant

Web applications development & portals design.

Lincoln Electric Co.

Welding technologies & materials.

Nuova Lamierprofil S.r.l.

Carbon, Low Alloy & Stainless steel plates and cutting systems.

Nuova Macut Group

Design software development, support and automation.

Sider Test S.r.l.

Non Destructive Examinations, Mechanical tests and chemical analysis according to the most important standards in this field.


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