Safety System

The most important prescription to be met is the inhibition at the Closure being opened if there is still fluid pressure inside the vessel and this requirement is usually fulfilled in one or all the following three ways at choice of the Customer specification:

  • Mechanical safety bleeder interlock Fulg-o-safe (Standard) ► is a safety screw that obstructs an hole placed on the door and, in order to operate the Q.O.C this screw must be removed, therefore, being directly in contact with the pressure inside the vessel, if there is still pressure a whistle can be heard by the operator due to the fluid bleeding by the unscrewed screw in order to let him stop the opening process and verify the valves again.
  • In pressure locking device Fulg-o-thrust (Optional) ► is a safety system that works with the fluid contained in the vessel like an hydraulic ram in such a way that if there is still pressure inside the vessel, the system stays “extended” in order to lock the door and prevent the opening.
  • Interlock protection (optional) ► is a system made by mechanically locking the opening manoeuvres by means of interconnected devices that inhibits wrong sequenced movements, i.e. prior the mechanical unlock of the Quick Actuating Closure the system assures that the valves insulating the affected chamber are in the supposed position.

Of course also electrical devices can be fitted in order to remotely control behaviour and status of the Closure.