Non Destructive Examinations

Type of N.D.E.

All the welded products are normally subject to Non Destructive Examination (NDE), the type of NDE is chosen upon the purpose of the device

I.e. a Rolled and Welded Tube is commonly tested with RT and UT on the welding, UT on the whole plate's surface and MT on the Bevelled Ends, while for certain Pressure Vessels all of the here below listed NDE are usually performed:

  • Radiographic Test (RT)
    • ASME code sect.VIII div.1 UW51
    • EN ISO 17636-1 acceptance as per EN 12517-1
  • Ultrasonic Test (UT) - welding
    • ASME code sect.VIII div.1 UW53 app.12
    • EN ISO 17640 acceptance as per EN ISO 11666
  • Ultrasonic Test (UT) - raw materials
    • ASTM A578
    • SEL 072/77
    • EN 10160
  • Magnetoscopic Test (MT)
    • ASME code sect.VIII div.1 app.6
    • EN ISO 17638 acceptance as per EN ISO 23278
  • Liquid Penetrant Test (PT)
    • ASME code sect.VIII div.1 app.8
    • EN ISO 3452-1 acceptance as per EN ISO 23277
    • ASTM A530 par.20
    • ASTM A999 par.21.2
    • 97/23/EC
  • Visual Test (VT)
    • ASME code sect.V
    • EN ISO 17637

The sequence of execution is normally regulated by the relevant specification wher it's also indicated if the specific control has to be performed before or after Heat Treatments if any.

Operator's Qualification

Usually the execution is according to the above mentioned standards except when, on Customer's request, the type of N.D.E. is to be performed according to other rules. The operators are qualified with both standards:

  • SNT-TC-1A Levels II & III (by the American Society for Non Destructive Testing)
  • ISO 9712 Levels 2 & 3