A firm Presentation

Fulgosi 1974


Sustainable growth. The Company wants to maintain its constant growing process because, as per its nature, if it is not going forward it’s going backward and, since there is no way to keep a Company steady, the maximum effort is spent in assuring the growing trend by paying a special attention to the negative effects that the rising may cause in both aspect: the People involved and the surrounding Environment, the biggest assets.


Provide products and services with the highest level of contents in terms of quality, safety and technical innovation. Starting from the very first steps of the engineering process, all the products are designed according to their final destination needs in the field, prior to adapt them to the single Customer’s requisite in order to sum and not to replace the experience involved. Petrochemical as well as Oil and Gas industry technical requirements are always met specially in the most stringent conditions when ruled by the offshore applications where the global performance makes the difference.

"One brand at your hand" is the slogan that best characterizes the Competitive Scenario.


As  suggested by the very long company history, the biggest investment ever made is the know-how. This venture capital is well maintained and constantly increased by taking the staffs and suppliers turnover at the lowest possible level via the adoption of all the necessary people-centric measures.

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