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Do you know how many paper is wasted only in the business world? Do you have an idea concerning how many trees are killed every day to let us write that stupid memo to leave on our colleague desk? Well, when is too much is too much, we have to do something, all together. The power of internet can help a lot on this argument and, we're sure it will. We're not looking for a low cost advertisement, as you can see, we don't sale any consumer product, we're simply trying to pay our debt to this planet.

Alone in this experience means nothing but if you decide to help us, yourself and your children, we can really do a first step. If you agree with our campaign, please, follow this simple and cost free advice:

Write this line at the bottom of your fax cover page: "This page is not official so, please, use the back side of this sheet for your own internal communication, thank you."

If only the 0.1% of the business world will use once again the back side of the useless fax cover pages and advertising faxes received, we can really slow down the tremendous rhythm of Amazon mass killing.

The Amazon forest

(not the bookstore, ...the book itself!)


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